As if! Two young sisters are dressing as fashionable “Clueless” besties Cher and Dionne for Halloween.

Their mom, Emily Curry, said the popular 1995 film is one of her favorites — so she decided to get her daughters, Abigail, 4, and Charlotte, 14 months, in on the fun.

“Growing up, I loved the movie and I wanted to do something original this year for Halloween,” Curry told ABC News. “I Googled if anyone had ever done it and I saw no kids online have ever dressed up as them, especially a 1-year-old little baby. Then I knew I had to do it.”

The Miami mom's perfectly plaid ensembles are homemade. Curry’s mother-in-law made the skirts and jackets.

Curry made Dionne’s wide-brimmed hat herself.

“It’s actually made out of a Cheerios box that I hot glued together,” Curry said. “I put some felt and ribbon on it and made the rose for the front. The hair is black yarn hot glued to the inside of the hat.”

Curry said her daughters are obviously too young to watch the full movie, but she’s shown her eldest daughter, Abigail, some clips of Cher so she can channel her character.

“I’ve been hyping it up to her,” said Curry. “Anytime my daughter saw Cher on the screen and she’d say ‘As if!’ her mouth dropped.”

The whole family will be trick-or-treating in style tonight.

Curry is dressing as Tai, and her husband is going as Josh.

“There’s one scene where she wears the overalls and goes out dancing and has a pink shirt and her hair is all curly. I’m going to wear that,” said Curry. “Josh just wears a t-shirt and long sleeved flannel the whole movie, so that’s easy.”

Curry said the only thing missing is a Power Wheels Jeep for her daughters to go rollin’ with the homies, but whatever!

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