Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said late Monday that the team could have a place for Colin Kaepernick, and nothing has been ruled out.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was supposed to meet with the team a couple weeks back, but the meeting was called off after Kaepernick reportedly wouldnt commit to standing during the anthem.

Well, Carroll is still leaving the door slightly open. He told the media the following, according to Sports Illustrated:

Its ongoing. Were not done with that decision at all…I think weve been working at this thing for some time now. I dont think that was really as telling as it came across. Were really aware of him and hes a fine football player and there may be a place for him. We dont know that yet.

I didnt think there was any chance this still happened after the fiasco of the postponed/canceled meeting between the two sides. This move also just doesnt make a ton of sense to me. I guess they could try to bring Kaepernick in on a seriously cheap contract, but Im still not sure thats worth it.

The Seahawks are Russell Wilsons team, and hes done an incredible job there. Do they really want to bring in another huge personality with so much baggage? I doubt it. I see absolutely no upside to signing Kaepernick for the Seahawks.

Plus, you know it will piss off a decent number of fans. Upset fans doesnt exactly translate into money for the franchise. I just dont see this happening.

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