Is it wrong to break up with a boyfriend who suggests you dress more modestly?

Thats the burning question sweeping the nation this week, after a former couple publicly broke up over a revealing prom dress.

These star crossed former lovers, Justice Champion, 19, and Madison Witham, 17, stirred up a little Twitter drama when Champion told Witham she looked like a “slut.”

When Witham sent Champion a photo of her prom dress, he told her it looked too revealing

“Too much skin,” he texted her in a screenshot Witham tweeted out. “Get rid of it and Ill get you a new one b.”

“Its not too much skin, wtf,” Witham replied.

“You look like a slut, b,” Champion texted back.

“Ill stick w/ the dress and get myself a new man, byeee,” Witham replied.

When she tweeted out the screenshot, Witham received hundreds of replies telling her she had done the right thing.

“Being honest is very different from being a a**hole dude. If you think she has to hear that crap, and swallow like honest, you definitely dont understand women at all,” one user said.

Being honest is very different from being a asshole dude. If you think she has to hear that crap, and swallow like honest, you definitely dont understand women at all

— Vi Cardoso (@ViCardosoHqs) May 1, 2018

Many people are calling Witham a “queen” for dumping her boyfriend over this comment. But I tend to disagree with this mindset.

Look, the guy was being kind of insensitive. But what was the harm of one negative remark? All he did was say she looked sort of slutty. Is this break up material? I dont think so. Ive stuck with guys who have said way, way worse to me.

Its just part of being a loyal girlfriend. If you want kids, and you want to be a mother, you need to learn to deal with needy and obnoxious men, because spoiler alert, all men are like that.

Ignore their off-color remarks, focus on keeping them happy, and dont bother them when theyre watching the game, and theyll be nice enough.

Plus, girl, you need to learn better manipulation tactics. Dont just break up with him in one quick hot flash Leverage your power over him to manipulate him into buying you new clothes and taking you on fancy vacations.

A great trick is to deny him attention. Start ignoring him for days on end — its a surefire way to get him to open up that wallet and buy you what you want. Women extorting mens resources is an ancient tradition, and one that we ladies need to keep alive.

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