Rudy Giuliani declared “case closed” for President Donald Trump during a Sunday interview on “This Week” about the presidents alleged relationship with Stormy Daniels.


ABCs George Stephanopoulos tried to pin down a series of facts during the interview, starting with the fact that Trump and Stormy Daniels have met at least once and the fact that the president denies having “sexual relations” with Daniels.

Giuliani noted that Daniels also once denied the affair and added that the case is now “history.”

“Let me just…because you say its history,” Stephanopoulos said. “When did the president first learn that Stormy Daniels wanted money to keep quiet about the relationship?”

“Dont know and doesnt matter to me,” Giuliani retorted. “What matters to me are two things, there are two relevant legal things, which is what my job is.”

“Number one, it was not a campaign contribution because it wouldve been done anyway. This is the kind of thing that Ive settled for celebrities and famous people — every lawyer that does that kind of work has,” he continued. “Number two, even if it was considered a campaign contribution, it was entirely reimbursed out of personal funds, which I dont think well even get to because the first ones enough.”

“Case closed for Donald Trump,” he insisted.

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