Barstool Heartland shared an incredibly cool photo of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the weekend.

The five time Super Bowl champion was putting his signature on some bombs that were loaded on an airplane while surrounded by American military members.

TB 12 putting his stamp of approval on what will certainly be the most accurate bomb in history

— Barstool Heartland (@barstoolhrtland) May 5, 2018

Its not clear where or when the photo was taken, but its likely it could be from Bradys recent trip to visit the troops in Qatar.

I love this idea. We need more athletes, entertainers and politicians signing bombs that were about to drop on the heads of some dirty terrorists. They hate our way of life, and would gladly kill us all of ISIS had the chance. We cant allow that to happen.

Dropping bombs signed by American champions is just another reminder that were the greatest country in the world. They hate the way we live, and were going to make sure they die with bombs signed by legends of the game. It doesnt get much better than that.

Brady is used to throwing strikes on the field, and now hes got his ink on a bomb that was hopefully used to kill some bad guys. I need to add signing a bomb used to kill terrorists to my bucket list ASAP. Need to get that done for sure.

Also, why dont we have a photo of Trump doing the exact same? You know Trump would love the idea of signing bombs that were about to drop. Need to get Trump on this bandwagon immediately.

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