Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles almost got his truck and wallet stolen last week by a local Florida teen. But Bortles was brave enough to apprehend the thief and prevent the situation from escalating any further.

For a quick refresher, TMZ reported on Thursday that Bortles had been at Jags offensive lineman Brandon Linders house party when they realized a kid was trying to steal Bortles truck. So Bortles, with the help of several of his teammates, stopped the 18 year old from making off with his belongings and held him inside while they waited for the cops to come. (RELATED: Blake Bortles Stops Alleged Thief From Stealing His Truck And Wallet)

But not much else was known about the incident beyond the sketchy details — until now.

Speaking with Touching Base Podcast over a beer, Bortles explained:

I walk outside and my truck is kind of turned around facing the other way as how I parked it – and was like oh this is weird – and the first thing I thought of was that weve got some buddies that live in the area, like somebody came by and was messing with me, but Colton comes running out and says Hey Brandon theres some kid in your house, so Brandon, our center who lives there, grabs the golf club out of my hand and just takes off in a full sprint back into his house. It was kind of like a scene out of Bad Boys 2, like when a guy comes over to take your daughter to prom and you invite all your big buddies over to intimidate him, so thats kind of what it was. Brandon was holding the golf club kind of interrogating this kid, and shortly after the cops showed up.

Its pretty hard to imagine Blake Bortles intimidating or interrogating anybody. Sure hes a 65″ NFL player, but hes also one of the most down to earth guys around. Ive seen and heard countless interviews with him and he seems like one of the nicest famous people out there. Still, this story cant be missed and it just further proves how awesome the Jags QB really is.

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