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A mass of protesters rallied outside Polands Parliament building Monday, demanding the government nix its plan to tighten the nations restrictions on abortion.

“We want choice, not terror,” the protesters chanted outside the parliamentary building, the Associated Press reported. The abortion advocates called on the government to abandon its consideration of a proposal that would ban women from aborting if their unborn baby has a grave fetal defect.

Poland currently allows abortion only in cases of rape or incest, fatal fetal impairment or when the womans life or health would be threatened by continuing with the pregnancy.

“We are not here to campaign for abortions, but to demand the right to choice,” said 38-year-old Iza Nowak, who attended the protest to demand the “right to live the way I want to live,” according to the AP. Nowak told the AP she previously had an abortion after she was told her unborn baby had a fetal abnormality.

A coalition of abortion rights groups in Germany and Poland tried to use unmanned aerial drones to airlift abortion pills into the country in 2015 in protest of the nations strict abortion laws. A band of womens groups also joined together to send abortion pills to Northern Ireland in late May following Irelands vote to legalize abortion. Abortion remains illegal in Northern Ireland, a separate governing entity from the mainland, unless the mothers health is at risk. (RELATED: Pro-Choice Activists Are Sending Robots To Deliver Abortion Pills To Northern Ireland)

The proposed changes to Polands abortion laws coincide with Warsaws controversial Supreme Court reforms, and some allege that the prospective changes are merely a diversion from high court reforms.

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