Brazilian superstar Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was never far from the headlines in Russia, and despite having exited the tournament at the quarter-final stage, fans around the world are ensuring that his questionable legacy will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Neymar was expected to be one of the shining lights at this World Cup, but ended up making more headlines for his play-acting antics than his football.

The Paris St Germain star repeatedly made a meal out of minimal contact, threatening to tarnish his legacy as one of the premier strikers in world football.

However Mexican Liga MX side Club Tijuana have seen the funny side, using his amateur dramatics as a basis for a novel form of half-time entertainment.

At half-time in a pre-season friendly against Costa Rican side Herediano on the weekend, fans were invited onto the field to roll as far as possible as an act of homage to the Brazilian superstar.

External Link: Francisco Velasco tweet: Todays halftime entertainment: “The Neymar Challenge”. Xolos LigaMXeng

World Cups are fertile ground for copycat tributes, but fans haven't embraced a player for diving since Jurgen Klinsmann, who parodied his reputation as a diver from the 1990 World Cup when he signed for Tottenham in 1994.

External Link: Premier League tweet: Jurgen Klinsmann. That iconic diving celebration. The start to the 199495 PL season had its share of drama…

Most supporters have condemned Neymar for his antics, saying his displays are a blight on the game.

But that hasn't stopped coaches instructing their young players in the dark arts.

External Link: Daniel Moreno tweet: #NeymarChallenge… NeymarJr is a joke and the world knows it. External Link: Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust tweet: WEEK 1 DAY 5 | Weve had a fabulous week to kick off our Summer Camp. We decided to end it with the #NeymarChallenge.

Of all Neymar's dives, none was more 'impressive' than his extravagant rolling against Serbia in the group stages.

External Link: Reality social tweet: Copa2018

Plenty of pundits wondered just how far Neymar would roll given the opportunity, perhaps giving rise to the idea for Club Tijuana's half-time game and numerous memes.

External Link: Ashwin Mushran tweet: I thought Neymar was going to roll all the way into the SRB goal the rate he was going External Link: Rey tweet: Neymar should be the ball because he's always rolling.

It is not just internet memes and half-time activities that Neymar's rolling has inspired though. Fast food adverts are even getting in on the act.

External Link: Jack Grimse tweet: NeymarRolling is all the rage these days. Absolutely unreal advertisement from KFC South Africa

Former Manchester United striker and some-time actor Eric Cantona offered up some of his acting advice.

External Link: Eurosport UK tweet: Neymar clearly hasn't been listening to Cantona's acting tips

However, as much fun as Neymar has provided — perhaps inadvertently — this World Cup, it all came to a crashing halt in the quarter-finals, meaning Neymar and his team were on the next plane home.

External Link: Bleacher Report tweet: Neymar and Brazil rolling all the way home

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