Lidl To Sell 5k 'Wonky Veg' Boxes Of Imperfect Veg For Just ?1.50 Lidl
(Picture: Lidl)

Lidl is following in Asda and Morrisons footsteps by selling slightly damaged fruit and veg at a discount.

The supermarket will now sell 5kg boxes of imperfect fruit and vegetables for £1.50 across 122 of its UK stores in a food waste reduction initiative.

Boxes will be sold from 8am to 10am this week, as part of the Its Too Good to Waste trial.

Anything unsold will go straight to charity.

If the trial is successful, Lidl will consider rolling out the wonky fruit and veg box to all of its stores, which could save an estimated 10,000 tonnes of waste per year.

A fruitful idea for cutting food waste: we're trialling new 5kg boxes of fruit and veg that is slightly damaged, but still perfectly good to eat, for just £1.50.

It's being piloted in 122 of our stores, so if you come across any, let us know what you think.

— Lidl UK (@LidlUK) August 2, 2018

The store has already pledged to cut food waste per store by 25% by 2020, and their recently released figures show that average food waste per store has already fallen by 13.3%.

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Christian Hartnagel, chief executive of Lidl UK, said: Proportionately, we sell the most fruit & veg in the sector, but we know from our data that fresh produce is one of the biggest contributors to food waste in stores.

Of course, Lidl isnt the first store to launch the discount initiative – its following in the footsteps of Asda and Morrisons, which have launched similar products – though these supermarkets wonky veg boxes are double the price of Lidls at £3.50 and £3.

(Picture: Victor de Jesus/UNP)

Morrisons is continuing to try to cut down waste, as its just launched a wonky flowers range.

Morrisons is selling the bouquets due to the current hot weather and dry conditions, which have stopped some flowers developing properly.

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Usually, the store would just chuck them out but now theyre trying to put them to good use, by selling bouquets of the misshapen flowers for £3 – £2 less than a regular bouquet.

The first wonky bouquet will be made up of British sunflowers and statice with shorter stems because of the lack of rain.

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