You can now train to be a Master Kebab Chef at ‘Kebab Academy’


You can now train to be a Master Kebab Chef at 'Kebab Academy'
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So you’re partial to the odd 4am doner.

All that wretched, greasy meat. The garlic sauce. The crusty salad.

There’s nothing quite like it after 10 beers and a night spent smelling someone else’s BO on the dance floor.

But if you want to know how to make a properly gourmet kebab that you’d actually want to eat sober, then you might want to head over to Normandy, France.

Because France Kebab has actually developed a new training program which will give you a genuine diploma in kebab making.

It’s called Kebab Academy and is a course aimed at restaurant professionals looking to fast-track it into the profitable world of kebabing.

The goal, according to their website is ‘to train Kebab Masters, true kebab professionals’.

And who wouldn’t want ‘Kebab Master’ on their CV?

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The Academy consists of 25 hours of classes, spread over three days.

11 of those hours are spent on kebab theory (yes, really), while the others are devoted to practising the art of constructing kebabs – supervised, of course, by a team of specialists.

To find out more and to apply, just click here.

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