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Tracy Anderson’s Favorite Celebrity Workouts

Tracy Anderson trains stars on a daily basis, so she’s familiar with their favorite workouts and go-to toning exercises. Here, she breaks down four of her A-list clients’ all-time favorite moves from her high-intensity, dance-based classes and one-on-one training sessions. These are the moves that have shaped the bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Lena Dunham, and Olivia Palermo.

With Tracy’s workouts, you can expect full-body toning, major cardio, and challenging compound movements that target those little muscle groups and forgotten areas that are difficult to activate and strengthen. You’ll definitely feel these exercises in a few days, but the results are incredible. Just take a look at Tracy and her devoted celeb client base for proof.

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Give the celeb moves below a try, and feel what it’s like to work out like the stars

For the first move, and Gwyneth’s favorite, start in a high plank. Tuck one knee in, then step that foot out to the side, and kick the opposite leg through to the opposite side, in front of your other leg. Repeat 30 times on each side.

For Victoria Beckham’s favorite move, start in a tabletop position. Tuck one knee in, then lift up in a donkey kick. Next, push with your arms and lift off the ground, extending your raised leg in an arabesque.

Next is Lena Dunham’s fave move. Attach an ankle weight to one ankle. Start with one knee on the ground, both hands in push-up position. Your other leg, with the weight on it, should be extended across the bent leg with your foot on the ground. Lower your arms into a pushup, then lift and swing your weighted leg out to the opposite side, raising that same arm. Do this 30 times on each side.

For the last move, Olivia Palermo’s exercise of choice, start sitting on your side, supported by one arm. Lift your hips and kick your back leg out to the side, raising the same arm. Complete 30 reps for each side.

With this workout, you’ll feel the burn all over. Sweating like a celeb looks good on you!

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