Idiot Of The Year Candidate Allegedly Attacks His Girlfriend Over March Madness Game

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10:14 AM 03/20/2018







A man allegedly roughed up his girlfriend because of the outcome of a March Madness game.

Samuel Goodhope was upset over the game, and apparently thought that was a good enough reason to attack his unidentified girlfriend.

The New York Post reported the following details on the situation:

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said Samuel Goodhope was arrested early Friday following a frantic 911 call from the girlfriend who told deputies she had escaped Goodhope’s home.

According to a criminal complaint, the girlfriend tried to leave after the 30-year-old Goodhope became furious over a game. But the girlfriend told deputies he refused to let her go and pushed her several times to the ground.

If you beat a woman for any reason, you deserve to have a book thrown at you. I don’t care what the excuse is. You beat a woman over March Madness and you deserve life in prison because you clearly don’t belong on the streets.

March Madness is my favorite time of the year. You can’t get any better. There’s gambling, beer and fun all around. That’s how March Madness should always be viewed, and it’s the only way it should be viewed.

There’s not a sports outcome on this planet that can justify putting your hands on another person, male or female. If Goodhope is convicted, he deserves to sit in a prison cell for a very long time. If we can’t lock up convicted woman beaters, then we are lost as a society.

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