Opening Day Of Baseball Is One Of The Dumbest Days In Sports

Its the opening day of baseball for the MLB, and most people couldnt care less.

Opening day is without a doubt one of the most over-hyped and dumbest days in all of sports. Now, Im sure a bunch of you reading this are going to make this look like I hate baseball. I dont hate baseball at all. I love chugging beers at baseball games. I just hate opening day.

The wait is over.

— ESPN (@espn) March 29, 2018

The reasons are very simple. First off, its a Thursday. What idiot running the MLB thinks starting the season on a Thursday is a good idea? Is the goal to have empty stadiums? Your casual fan isnt skipping out on work to catch a ballgame on a Thursday. Its just not going to happen. Apparently nobody got this through the thick skulls of the big brain geniuses running the league.

Play ball.

— MLB (@MLB) March 29, 2018

Second, and I think this is the one that really bothers me, opening day is held during March Madness. Again, is a child running the MLB? Who is making decisions for this league? March Madness is the biggest sporting event in America, other than the Super Bowl. In fact, March Madness actually sees much more money gambled on the event that the Super Bowl.

Its probably not wise to start the MLB season when people are focused on March Madness. The college basketball championship will be held Monday. Was waiting four more days just a little too much?

I should really be in charge of the MLB. I dont know everything, but I know enough to know you dont schedule a league to start during March Madness. Thats simply common sense.

Finally, all the baseball geeks out here act like opening day is some colossal event, and they sit there in judgement of those who dont buy into this charade. Its baseball, and the only reason Im going to any game is to chill with friends and drink beers. Do the fans who keep stats themselves not know that somebody is already doing that? Imagine the insanity of me sitting in the stands of a March Madness game tracking the box score. I would be an idiot for doing that, and should be mocked. Yet, when baseball fans do the exact same its somehow just being a great fan. Save it.

Im looking forward to hitting the park for some cold brews, but opening day is a joke.

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