ESPN Ratings Go Up After Taking Jemele Hill Off The Air

ESPNs ratings have gone up since Jemele Hill was taken off of the air.

Hill left the 6 p.m. slot on ESPNs SportsCenter a few months back, and its only been smooth sailing since. Not just smooth, but its got a very nice bump.

ESPN PR released the following statement in part:

Aprils 6 p.m. SportsCenter averaged 526,000 viewers, a nine percent rise over the 483,000 average for April of 2017. The growth for April followed a four percent year-over-year rise in viewership for March.

“The 6 p.m. SportsCenter has focused on including breaking news as well as an emphasis on setting the table for the night in sports,” said David Roberts, ESPN vice president, network content, who oversees SportsCenters 6 p.m. program. “The response from viewers has been fantastic, as Aprils increases indicated an appetite for coverage of the biggest stories in sports, such as: the Masters, the NBA and NHL playoffs, the return of MLB to Puerto Rico and the lead-up to the NFL Draft. During the playoffs, the show takes on even greater importance in informing fans.”

Oh, this is so funny. Maybe itll teach ESPN a very valuable lesson, and its the fact that putting people who inject politics into sports isnt smart.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to watch Hill tell us about how Trump is racist in her eyes or anything else. Were there to watch the games, get the updates, chill out, have a good time, unplug for a bit and not be lectured by a woman making tons of money about how awful America is.

Imagine what ESPNs ratings could be if they knocked off the left-wing politics entirely. Im sure theyd be a lot better than whatever they are right now. We have one solid example of a time slot going up in the past year, and we know that the person leading it is gone. Im not a scientist, but those facts seem pretty important.

On the flip side, Im really enjoying watching ESPN fail. Its been a lot of fun, and it makes me think theres just a larger part of the market that I might soon be able to tap into. So, do I want ESPN to smarten up? A little bit, but Im also enjoying the circus.

All we know for sure is that their ratings went up after Hill left, and thats good for a chuckle.

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