Lindsey Vonn Is Just Showing Off With Her Latest Exercise Video

Lindsey Vonn posted a new workout video Thursday, and it looks absurdly hard.

The American skiing legend is handing from a bar while twisting and contorting her body around and just hanging there. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

Take a look if you want to feel really badly about yourself and your own exercise ability. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

Fly-nap-speech-workout-fly. Tuesday. #keepgrinding

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I mean, lets just be honest and real here. Lindsey Vonn is simply showing off at this point. (SLIDESHOW: 71 Times Samantha Hoopes Stripped Down)

Shes just rubbing it in all our faces that she is light years more athletic than any of us. (SLIDESHOW: 60 Times Abigail Ratchford Wore Almost Nothing)

Ive eaten vegetables now two days in a row. I thought that was a pretty dope accomplishment. I wake up to see Vonn pulling off a workout that would probably tear every muscle in my body. Thats not even humor. I might actually end up hospitalized if I attempted this. Its sad, but unfortunately very true. Maybe after a couple more days of vegetables, Ill be able to attempt it. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

Cant wait to see what Vonn manages to pull off next. (SLIDESHOW: 62 Times Emily Sears Stripped Down On Instagram)

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A post shared by L I N D S E Y V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

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