Surprise! NFL Executives Really Dont Have Nice Things To Say About Josh Rosen

ESPN recently interviewed some NFL executives about Arizona Cardinals rookie Josh Rosen, and it doesnt sound like he has a lot of fans in the league.

ESPN wrote the following quotes in the Insider piece, according to Busted Coverage:

“I was hoping they would stay at 15 and get Lamar Jackson, but I dont have a problem with what they did,” an exec said. “Everybody recognizes the talent with Rosen, but he is not the top guy in the draft because nobody likes him.”

One called the former UCLA quarterback a combination of Jeff George and Jay Cutler who would struggle to lead a team. Another worried that Rosen was not durable, comparing him to current Cardinals starter Sam Bradford.

I just dont understand why Rosen is in a situation where “nobody likes him.” Doesnt make a ton of sense to me. Yes, the guy has a big of an ego and hes very outspoken. Neither one of those two things is inherently bad. I want my QB to have a bit of edge to him and think hes the best at all times.

You know what else Josh Rosen can do? Sling a football clean over the mountains.

I hope like hell Rosen tears up the NFL, if not for any other reason than it will just piss people off a lot. I find that to be really entertaining.

People need to ease up a lot. Hes a young man thats extremely talented and hes outspoken. How about everybody calm down and stop trashing the kid until he does something legitimately stupid, which he hasnt yet. Let him prove himself on the field.

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