Asda releases ghost themed crumpets in time for Halloween

Asda is launching ghost crumpets for Halloween ASDA/Getty
(Picture: Asda/Getty)

Asda has launched some new ghost themed crumpets just in time for Halloween.

The crumpets come in the shape of ghosts and feature spooky faces – on hole-filled bodies.

Asda is launching ghost crumpets for Halloween ASDA
(Picture: Asda)

They are available in a packet of six for £1, and Asda says they are best toasted and covered in melted butter and jam.

Asda decided to revamp its crumpets after finding they are one of the most popular breakfast choices and snacks across the country.

Buttered crumpets
(Picture: Getty)

Ciara Loker, Asda Product Developer said: Following the success of the fluffy Bunny and Love Heart-shaped toaster treats at Easter and Valentines Day, we know that shaped, novelty crumpets are always popular choices amongst our customers, and we couldnt let Halloween go by without creating these devilish delights, which are no trick and all treat.

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Last year, our Jack-o-lantern crumpets flew off shelves throughout October, so we hope our customers enjoy these spooktastic crumpets for Halloween just as much.

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