This year's Christmas sandwiches have landed picture: TESCO/ Getty
There are even vegan and low-calorie options (picture: Tesco/Getty)

Its barely Autumn, but Boots and Tesco have decided that the Christmas build-up has begun with the unveiling of their festive sandwich ranges.

The Christmas sandwich is as much a part of the season of goodwill as mulled wine, carol singing, or disappointing presents. What could be more festive than stuffing your face with soggy stuffing and sickly cranberry sauce during your lunch break?

Both Tesco and Boots have now launched their annual ranges, which include sandwiches, wraps, bagels and vegan options.

Some are saying its far too early for festive food (Picture: Tesco)

And were not talking just a simple Christmas dinner between two slices of bread, oh no. Both retailers have upped the ante and have incorporated every element of the festive culinary experience into their lunch menus.

After a lighter option? Go for Boots Turkey and Cranberry sandwich, part of the Shapers range. Or if youre avoiding meat and dairy, the parsnip fritter and butternut squash sandwich would be a great alternative.

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If you would kill for Christmas leftovers, try Tescos Boxing Day sub roll, which brings together the classic flavours of smoked ham, bubble and squeak, and a coleslaw made with sprouts.

The decadent salmon bagel is perfect for breakfast (Picture: Tesco)
Leftover lovers – this ones for you (Picture: Tesco)

Tescos salmon duo bagel is a slice of Christmas morning, filling an onion bagel with decadent gin and juniper cured salmon and candy-striped beetroot.

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While some might say its far too early for festive treats, others cant wait to get stuck in.

Never too early for a Christmas sandwich! Tweeted one enthusiast.

Another added, Controversial opinion: its never too early for a meal deal sandwich to wish you a merry Christmas.

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