KitKat ice cream sticks exist and they look dreamy

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KitKat lovers, rejoice – KitKat ice cream exists and it looks dreamy.

Firstly, we have to ruin your expectations by letting you know these ice creams are only available in Woolworths in Australia (we know, its very sad).

But we can still drool over how yummy they look, and keep our fingers crossed theyll arrive in the UK soon.

The ice cream consists of a creamy wafer flavoured centre, and is coated with chocolate filled with crushed wafer pieces.

The frozen KitKat sticks cost £4.63 for a multi-pack, while individual ice creams cost £2.07 each.

We are excited to bring a delicious twist on our iconic favourite, KitKat, and make a break into the ice cream freezer, said Anna Stewart, head of marketing confectionery at Nestlé.

Chocolate and ice cream lovers across Australia can now enjoy a well-deserved and chilled break with the KitKat stick.

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The KitKat brand is hugely popular here in Australia with a proven track record of successful new flavour innovations, so were thrilled to be working with the Nestlé team to introduce Kit Kat to the ice cream freezer, said Emma-Jane Collins, director of marketing, category & innovation at Peters Ice Cream.



These arent the only KitKat ice creams to be released this year.

Over in the US, you can buy KitKat drumsticks.

The traditional drumstick is a scoop of ice cream in a cone, dipped in chocolate and coated it in nuts. Instead of nuts, the KitKat version replaces these with little bits of wafers in the chocolate bar.

If you buy a four-pack, each ice cream comes with chocolate fudge sauce in the middle.

Or, invest in the eight-pack, which features both fudge and chocolate ice cream.

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