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25 News Websites where charities and non-profit organisations can publish Press Releases for Free

Part of Newswire Now Corporate Social Responsibility…Charities and non-profit Orgs. can publish unlimited press releases for free. Sign Up here.

The idea of of launching the Newswire Now PR distribution service stemmed from the need to mitigate the blackout and censorship of corporate media. Corporate media and privately-owned media let alone state media outlets often ignore giving a voice to those who are oppressed or cant make their causes public. We hereby declare our entity as non-profit and our full commitment to promote human rights and just causes. Any profit generated by Newswire will only be used to maintain the organisation and not for personal use.

Meanwhile, advertising business is booming as the Tech advances.

The fact makes more important than ever to create a platform that makes the voice of the voicesless loudly heard. Therefore, Newswire Now announces its open-door policy for publication of any Press Release, announcements or any other online material for the following categories and free of charge:

  1. Charities
  2. Non Profit Organisations
  3. United Nations Organisations
  4. Human Rights Organisations
  5. Justice and Human Rights Campaigns
  6. And any other material of non profit nature.

Such categories will have permanent access to publicise their material and work.

Newswire Now will however charge companies and businesses for any Press Release or announcement material. The income generated from those clients will go towards the cost of maintaining the Newswire Now network and the developers who are running it.

Name Website URL
Business News Report
Britain Post
Britain Today News
Brussels Morning
Current Affairs Online
Daily Cambridge
Edition America
Edition Online
Europe Brief News
Evening Washington
Extra American
Extra London
Florida Report Daily
France News 7
Germany Latest
International Africa
The Londoner News
Madrid Journals
The Malmo Express
News Wireline
Oxford News Online
Parliament News
Plays Report
The Saudi Times
The Politicain

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