Forget pineapple, gherkins on pizza is the next topping set to divide folks

Gherkin pizzas have been around a while and now theyre being offered at an American pizzeria (Picture: The Hunger Diaries/ YouTube)

Pregnant women and controversialists, rejoice: gherkin pizza awaits.

Gherkins – or pickled cucumber – have long been a favourite among expectant mothers, usually due to cravings brought on by lack of salt or electrolytes.

Now someones putting them on pizza. QC Pizza pizzeria in Minnesota, U.S, to be specific. Naturally, people have thoughts.

Much like Marmite, gherkins pickled in brine or vinegar tend to be either loved or hated.

And now that they sit on a sacred staple – the humble pizza – some people are not on board.

Though its not the first restaurant to offer it (Bier Halle in Glasgows city centre did it last year), QC Pizzas cheesy meal has wowed and horrified people on Facebook.

A video of the stuff received more than 50,000 comments and a lot of vomit emojis could be seen, though some did say theyd be happy to try.



Minnesota seems to be a purveyor of weird goods as the pizza is inspired by their ham sushi.

A local speciality, Minnesota sushi, is ham and cheese wrapped around a pickle.

Understandably, Facebook followers werent feeling the salty vibes.

As a proud member of the pineapple on pizza society, I say we revolt against this monstrosity, urged one user while another shared the sentiment, saying: I want to vomit! I enjoy pickles I just dont want it on my pizza.

Some said they were veterans in the game before it became cool to hate on weird pizza toppings.

They wrote: Thats not a new concept! Ive been doing it for years, and New? Ive been eating pickles on pizza since the early 80s.

A few pizza lovers said they enjoy both but not together.

One person did wonder where the interest in fermented veg was suddenly coming from: Whats the deal with the pickles?! they wrote.

There have been pickles like at least forever, but why people are completely in love with them these days and making new pickle foods etc. Where is this all coming from?

Were not sure but some of are happy to see more piRead More – Source