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The Ordinary has launched super affordable skincare starter kits designed for every skin type

Our love for The Ordinary knows no bounds. Its ability to totally streamline the list of ingredients that we put on our skin is genius. In short, we consider it to be the ultimate fuss-free regime (plus, we love the way it makes us feel like scientists, pipetting our facial oil onto our face like an alchemist).

The Toronto-based beauty product line sent the industry (and skincare fans) into actual meltdown when it launched in August 2016 because it was groundbreaking, budget-friendly, and best of all, it actually worked.

The Ordinary is the one brand that's proven how good skincare and makeup needn't cost the earth. However, we admit that we are sometimes out of our depth when trying to figure out which products we should be buying based on our skin type and concerns.


The Ordinary lives on with the launch of yet another bestselling skincare product – but how did the revolutionary brand begin?

Is the Squalane Cleanser is right for me? And which type of retinol will give me that baby soft skin Ive been searching for? Will it be Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane? Or perhaps Retinol 0.1% in Squalane?

Well, once again The Ordinary has just answered all of our skincare woes by launching starter kits which suit different skin types. Genius, right?

We tried The Ordinary's £5.90 foundation and here's our verdict

We no longer need to figure out the meaning behind each product name, googling the scientific makeup of each of the chemicals and figuring out which one is going to help our specific concern.