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Burberry is selling a half blazer half puffa coat hybrid for almost £3,000

The winter warmer (Picture: Getty/Harrods)

Investing in a good winter coat for those darker and colder days is a logical move – but one brand has taken winter dressing to a brand new level.

Despite being known for its timeless trench coat, Burberry has just thrown a new item into the mix, and its got people talking.

The winter warmer in question is a half blazer, half puffa coat hybrid.

The red puffa half can be worn over the tailored camel coat as a sort of mullet skirt, or it can be removed and worn as a separate piece.

Burberry is selling a half blazer half puffer coat
The piece has got people talking (Picture: Harrods)

If that wasnt enough of a talking point, the unique garment is priced at £2,690.

According to the Harrods website, where the piece is on sale, the wool coat presents a youthful approach to fine Italian tailoring.

Whats more, its also available in a different design – with a tartan wool coat on top and a green puffa underneath.

Burberry is selling a half blazer half puffer coat
Its also available in a tartan and green style (Picture: Harrods)

Naturally the arrival of the versatile coat has prompted lots of discussions online.



On user on Twitter said: Why? Why did someone do this to 2 perfectly good coats?

I wouldnt pay $37.90 for that coat

— Nicole Wilson (@zanekyal) October 1, 2019

While another Tweeted: I wouldnt pay $37.90 for that coat.

Another brought up a practical use for the garment: If I hadnt seen the price, I would 100% assume its a coat aimed at teachers who have to do outdoor recess duty in the winter.

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Others had their own theories surrounding the logistics of the coat, with one user saying: Its just photographed that way so you can see both the puffer vest attachment and the coat underneath. Its not actually meant to be worn that way.

Another user asked an important question: Does thiRead More – Source