Nivea Stelmann Becomes American Citizen With Joyful And Confident Attitude

Actress has lived since 2017 in the United States with her husband, Marcus Rocha, and children Miguel and Bruna.

Nivea Stelmann, 48, is now an American citizen. The actress took the exam, this Friday (6), and celebrated the approval on her Instagram. The documentation can be requested after five years of Green Card. She has lived since 2017 in the United States with her husband, Marcus Rocha, and children Miguel and Bruna.

“Only those who live here and are trying to get a Green Card understand what I’m feeling now. I know I’m very privileged, because I’ve stepped in the United States with Green Card in hand, but becoming a very big weight for me and A joy without size. I started the year on the right foot, “he began.

“I owe this achievement a lot to everyone who helped me get here. To all the cards of friends who helped me take the Green Card. I managed to take it very easily, because it was as an actress . The idea came from me. I had a solid, stabilized career. What led me to change Brazil for the United States was the violence. Orlando was the city I chose to live, not Hollywood or Los Angeles. I didn’t want to continue my career as an actress here. Knowing that here I would have to change my chip, that I would have to reinvent me and that here in Orlando there is no soap opera. I no longer wanted to start over, and wrote in my letter to Green Card that I would be digital influencer and, as it was a known actress In Brazil, I would disclose the name of the United States in the best way. Not coming preying back [to Brazil], I refers my life here and here I pretending to die. I found myself here, but I still go to Brazil three times a year, “he said.

Quick Work in Brazil

The artist also said she is open to quick work in Brazil. “Eventually, if you paint some work, now I have more flexibility to do, because I can stay much longer away from the United States. Now I’m a citizen and I live wherever I want. , because I don’t want to stay away from my children and my husband. But if you paint some participation on TV or little thing I can do to miss you as an actress, I will do it with the greatest pleasure, but it’s not in my plans, ” explained.

She also detailed the preparation for the exam and admitted to being nervous. “I studied a lot for this test. There are a hundred civic questions to study. Da Cem, they choose ten, but if you hit the first six, they stop asking you. They have to understand that you understand English. But I was very nervous At the time, more than any debut or event. In the room I entered, I started to feel a burn of nervous, dry mouth … I’m not exaggerating, and look that I have a lot of control of my emotions. Today I was totally destabilized “, stated.

Nivea says she hit the first six questions and jumped to the second phase of the test, with personal questions. “She asked the things of my life, with whom I am married, with whom I was married, names of children, income tax … I managed to understand everything she said, legal and difficult terms, that we do not use on the day The day. Although I hardly speak English here. I live in Florida and 90% of my time I speak Portuguese, because I work for Brazilians and read with Brazilians. When I spend my English, it is at my daughter’s school or with One or another American friend. He was very afraid, gives a certain panic, but it all worked out, “he said.

Why Ceremony Was Reduced

The actress also said that the ceremony was reduced due to the restrictions of COVID-19. “I was prepared to sing the anthem and cry, but I didn’t get emotional at that moment, despite being very beautiful. You get the certificate and she gets Green Card, because now I’m going to take my American passport. I don’t need Green Card anymore, no I get more into the immigration line. I am American too, and I will have all the rights that Americans have. For me, what is a gift from God, “he said.

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