Nike Master Trainers Kirsty Godso and Joe Holder are BFFs who love to push each other to get the absolute most from their workouts. For Health’s 5 Minutes to Fit Challenge (#5MinstoFit), they’ve teamed up to design super-efficient, kick-butt routines that tone, trim, and sculpt in (almost) no time at all. Commit to doing one routine a day, and you’ll whip yourself into shape in less than two weeks.

In each workout video below, Kirsty and Joe take turns cueing the exercises (while the other demonstrates), so you benefit from both of their styles—Kirsty’s love of speed and form, and Joe’s focus on functional fitness.

The best part? The workouts are completely customizable: So if you have more than 5 minutes, you can string several workouts together into a longer session. But whatever you do, don’t hold back. As Joe puts it, “We’re not giving you any junk exercises, so we want no junk reps.” Here we go!

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