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Pence Confidential Documents Discovered At Home

Former US Vice President Mike Pence revealed on Tuesday that confidential documents were found in his home, the latest episode in a growing scandal over how politicians handle the country’s secrets. Pence “informed us today of confidential documents that were found at his home in Indiana,” influential Republican House of Representatives James Comer said

Trump Fined For Revenge-Seeking Court Complaint

A US federal judge has sentenced former President Donald Trump to pay a fine of nearly one million dollars, citing purely political motives in a lawsuit he filed against political rivals, including Hillary Clinton. In the lawsuit that the former Republican President filed against several political opponents, including former Secretary of State and former presidential […]

Trump Launches South Carolina Campaign Event

Former US President Donald Trump plans to hold his first public campaign event for the 2024 presidential campaign in the state of South Carolina this month. Associated Press Today Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told the Associated Press today that Trump will visit South Carolina this month, without elaborating. Since announcing his most recent presidential run […]