You cant see it now (Picture: Woolies/Coles Mudcake/Facebook)

Kids birthday parties seem to be getting bigger and more extravagant these days, especially their first one.

Although the children wont remember most of it, parents and family members usually make a fuss over tots first birthday.

But one mum who threw a party to celebrate her daughter turning one probably doesnt want anyone else to remember much of the shindig.

Thats because the cake topper she chose for the monkey cake she ordered was meant to look like the number one…but – according to some people – looked more like an erection that the monkey was clutching.

Now you can see it (Picture: Woolies/Coles Mudcake hacks /Facebook)

I had this monkey made for my daughters cake for her first birthday, she wrote on Facebook, reports MailOnline.

It looks like her monkey except people keep telling me how rude he looks in various ways.

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Ive been told he looks like a stoned monkey with his willy out!

She told followers on a parenting group that she ordered the cake to model her daughters favourite monkey toy.

And the one was to resemble the childs first birthday obviously. But the cake makers didnt have much foresight and didnt realise that the flesh coloured fondant looked more like an erect penis.

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But it seemed to be quite obvious to everyone else on the parenting forum that it was posted on. Although they found it pretty entertaining, users chimed in on how to fix the thing.

One mum wrote: You could make a little present to go between his legs?

Another one said: Maybe try and flatten the one out a bit so its not as round.

If you didnt initially see the phallic side, you do now.

Cake makers clearly dont pay much attention to the little details as its not the first time weve seen a youngsters birthday cake appear ruder than it is.

One mum ordered a cake with a topper that said two but unfortunately, once you turned it over, it looked more like the word c***.

You can understand why you wouldnt want that around a bunch of toddlers.

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At least they wont remember it, so, hide all the evidence and youll be fine.

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