Quality Street has axed one of its flavours
(Picture: Nestle)

Sad news, people: Quality Street has decided to ditch its Honeycomb Crunch flavour.

We know, its a travesty – especially as this comes only two years after it replaced the beloved Toffee Deluxe.

Due to complaints, Quality Street decided to return the Toffee Deluxe to its rightful tin, but now theyre shaking things up once again by getting rid of a new favourite.

Quality Street has axed one of its flavours picture: HANDOUT METROGRAB
(Picture: Nestle)

The Honeycomb Crunch will no longer be available in any Quality Street tins, tubs or selection boxes. Sad times.

Nestle has justified removing the chocolate by saying its assortment is always changing, saying its never been static, but people arent happy about it.

People are quite rightly very annoyed:

Quality Street axed the honeycomb crunch. Actually so annoyed, was that necessary?!

— Nicole? (@Nikolettax) September 19, 2018

Honeycomb Crunch is no longer in Quality Street tins so basically Christmas is ruined already. I actually cant catch a break

— … (@rrrinarrr) September 19, 2018

A spokesperson for Nestle said: The Honeycomb crunch was a new sweet added to celebrate our 80th birthday celebrations back in 2016.

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Its still available as part of a single chocolate bar for this year but wont appear in tubs and tins.

This years assortment still features 12 classic and much loved Quality Street sweets and we have taken the opportunity to add more of the sweets we know are peoples favourites

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