Destination unknown: the new way to book a mystery holiday :-: the Guardian

Liz Boulter didn’t know she was off to Porto until she got to the airport. All part of Dutch company’s new holiday concept

‘He’s picked out restaurants for us already – even knows what he’s going to order.” My friend was talking about an upcoming city break meticulously planned by her husband, and while I could see how poring over restaurant websites might enhance his anticipation of a much-needed holiday, it seemed to kill any idea of exploration, of coming upon something thrilling or unexpected.

So when I saw that Dutch company, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam, was launching its “surprise” holiday concept in the UK last month, I was intrigued. The idea is that you choose a type of holiday – city break or backpacking trip – the dates and budget, and picks the destination and books flights and accommodation. All you get beforehand is a weather forecast and what time to be at the airport.

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