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This Total-Body Workout From the Tone It Up Girls Sculpts From Head to Toe :-: Health Magazine

Tone It Up girls Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott take you through this fun, full-body routine.

Leave it to Tone It Up girls Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott to create a fat-blasting workout that’s actually fun. We asked the power duo to share one of their favorite total-body routines that delivers top-notch results. And they brought it. This workout includes moves that work muscles big and small for an all-over burn.

It makes sense why fitness experts Karena and Katrina are famous for their Tone It Up workouts. Not only are their exercises easy to follow, they’re also effective. Take the full-body circuit they’re doing in this video, for example. It starts with a warm-up that targets every muscle in the body, from the hamstrings to the obliques to your shoulders and beyond.

Once you complete the Tone It Up team’s dynamic stretches, you’ll move on to the real work, starting with moves like the Bikini Walkout that works the entire body. The walkout portion forces you to activate your shoulders, while the plank fires up the core and the knee-to-elbow touches target the sides of your body. Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes when you return to standing for a bonus burn!

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Later, Karena and Katrina will take you through mega-toners like tricep push-ups and side planks, stopping for smart stretches like downward dog and dolphin pose in between.

You’ll turn up the heat even more with lower-body moves like lying-down hamstring curls that sculpt the back of the thighs and the bottom of the booty. Follow up with barre-inspired leg pulses that will help tone your muscles even more. Double win!

Want in? Watch the video above for a full-body Tone It Up routine that slims and strengthens from head to toe. Even better, grab a friend, channel your inner Karena and Katrina, and do the workout together! Because there’s nothing better than sweating with your bestie.

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