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What I wore this week: the new neutrals :-: the Guardian

Neutral now takes in the natural shades of autumn: falling leaves, blackberries, mud and butternut squash, which means you can wear them without the statement-making associated with wearing a colour

You’re not going to like this, but we are at peak grey. For a decade, grey has been the go-to shade for your urbane-but-laid-back lifestyle. Grey marl sweatshirt in your cupboard, Pavilion Gray walls in your kitchen, Inkwell filter on your Instagram grid. But fashion is always, in the end, cyclical, and grey is getting close to becoming boring again. Anyone remember John Major?

You can reset pretty much anything, in fashion. There are no fixed points. Grey can go from boring to chic and back again. And the meaning of neutral can shift, from a label that brackets together pencil-shaded cool tones – paper white, charcoal, blue-grey, black – to one that takes in the natural shades of autumn. Falling leaves. Blackberries. Mud. Butternut squash at lunchtime.

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