You can now buy giant tubes of orange Smarties from Asda :-: Metro


You can now buy giant tubes of orange Smarties from Asda
(Picture: Nestle)

Anyone with a sweet tooth will know that when it comes to packets of multiple-coloured sweets, everyone has their favourite.

Take M&Ms for example – people couldn’t decide between their standard, crispy or peanut range, and so Mars brought out a mixed bag filled with all three.

Starburst-fans loved the strawberry flavour so much that a limited edition all-pink bag was released.

It seems confectionery companies will go all out to make sure customers are satisfied.

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And now, Nestle has jumped on the people-pleasing bandwagon – as they’ve just released a giant tube filled with only orange smarties.

You can now buy giant tubes of orange Smarties from Asda
(Picture: Nestle)

The new product comes in response to more than 500 pleas from customers every day, asking the customer service team in York to make packets of orange Smarties.

Taking the requests on board, the team have done something better than offering the standard 38g packet of orange smarties. The orange-only edition comes in a tube size of 150g – holding nearly four times the amount of the original packet.

The tubes come just in time for the festive season, ready for those who want to fill their stockings early.

They do make the perfect stocking filler, as the tubes cost just £1.38 each. Considering a 120g serving of Smarties costs £1, we’re thinking that’s a bit of a bargain.

Iain Beavis, from Nestlé, said his team couldn’t escape the fact an orange Smarties tube needed to happen.

You can now buy giant tubes of orange Smarties from Asda
(Picture: Nestle)

He said: ‘It simply got to the point where we had to make it happen. The orange ones are the only Smarties that have their own flavour and they have their very own cult following because of that.

‘The distinctive flavour also means that manufacturing them in high volume, on their own, is slightly more difficult to do given the different process and recipe required to get that orange-y taste.’

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While the one-flavoured Smarties tube isn’t new, with Nestle having previously launched a pink-only range, customers are pretty excited about the latest release.

So excited in fact, that the tubes are set to sell out extremely quickly. If you’re an orange Smartie-lover you should get yourself over to Asda, where the tubes are being sold, ASAP.

Race you down the aisle.

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