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Japan is a mecca for obsessive geeks or otaku, and Tokyo has shops catering to every obsession, says Patrick Macias, whether you collect anime or manga, action figures or yo-yos
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Before digital animation took over, Japanese anime was made the old-fashioned way using paint on sheets of celluloid to create "cels". Over the years, countless cels leaked out of the anime studios into the collector's market, and thousands of them can now be found at this store within the Nakano Broadway shopping mall. Binders line the walls bulging with one-of-a-kind cels, and smaller bins are outside for casual browsing. Bad news: cels featuring popular characters, such as those from Hayao Miyazaki's anime movies or the Evangelion series, often go for art gallery prices. Good news: equally striking cels, from less high-profile works, can be had for the price of a fast-food meal.
Nakano Broadway 4F, room 467, Nakano-ku, +81 3 3389 8809 Open daily noon-8pm

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