90s kids, rejoice: Sunny D fruit chews are now a thing :-: Metro


90s kids, rejoice: Sunny D fruit chews are now a thing

90s kids, rejoice: Sunny D fruit chews are here and they’re making us feel all kinds of nostalgic.

Sunny D was the junk-drink that every parent loved to hate. It was delicious but had the nasty effect of making your teeth feel like they’d been stuck together with sugar.

Sadly, the original is no more, after the people behind it created a ‘healthier alternative’ (aka, a watered-down version that tastes nothing like Sunny D).

But thankfully, Sunny D is here in sweet form to give us back that much-loved sugary taste.

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The Sunny D Gummies were first spotted by junk food Instagrammers @candyhunting and @junkfoodonthego, who came across the sweets while in Walmart, US.

The Sunny D sweets come in three flavours: signature orange, peach and strawberry. They even have liquid centres to make it feel as though you’re sipping your favourite childhood drink.

Oh, and they’re shaped like the bottle to ensure they take you way back.

Yes, they sound amazing and yes, we need these sweets in our lives. But like all incredible-sounding things, the US got there first.

Currently, the sweets are only available in America and haven’t made their way over to the UK just yet.

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If you’re lucky enough to be travelling over to the US any time soon, you can find the sweets here.

Otherwise, here’s hoping they make an appearance on the American sections of supermarkets sometime soon.

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