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Green age kicks: how ethical trainers won the fashion seal of approval :-: the Guardian

Veja trainers are beloved of Emma Watson, adored by the sneakerheads who frequent Dover Street Market and draw huge crowds in Paris. They are a lesson in how sustainable clothing can also be cool

It seems that the fashion industry has finally woken up. Gucci’s scrapping fur; Russian entrepreneur Miroslava Duma is investing $500m (£379m) in sustainable innovations in textiles, such as leather that can be grown in a lab and silk spun by spiders. During Milan fashion week, the glitziest party of the week was the Green Carpet awards hosted by Livia Firth to celebrate the Italian fashion supply chain. And Matches Fashion recently announced it will be partnering with Firth’s consultancy firm Eco-Age “with the aim of placing sustainable and ethical practices at the heart of what it does”.

The problem with a lot of so-called “ethical” fashion brands is that, ultimately, they are producing more stuff we could all happily live without, thank you very much. And many of the brands who put sustainability first often overlook the fact that a product must be desirable, too. You have to want to wear it.

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