Powerful Burger King advert will make you step in when you see someone being bullied :-: Metro


Powerful Burger King advert will make you step in when you see someone being bullied
(Picture: Burger King)

It’s hard to step in when you see someone being bullied.

There’s the fear that the bullies will turn on you. The worry that you’re being silly or overreacting. The concern that you might end up making things worse.

But being brave enough to take a stand makes a huge difference to the people being bullied. It helps them feel less alone, calls out bullies for awful behaviour, and could end up putting a stop to bullying longterm.

It’s important to step in when we see the bullying happening, even though it feels scary. The person being bullied is more scared, more alone, and they need your help.

Need some motivation? Have a watch of this Burger King ad campaign, made in partnership with

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The video shows real-life customers reacting to seeing a child being bullied in a Burger King. The majority did nothing.

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Those same customers were delivered a ‘bullied’ burger, that had been beaten up by one of the cooks. The majority complained to staff.

The message: We’re more than willing to speak up when we see something’s wrong… if it directly affects us. And that’s pretty rubbish.

Watch the video, share it, and make a vow to yourself to actively put a stop to bullying when it happens.

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