Langland Cove Guesthouse, Mumbles, Swansea: B&B review

This smart and friendly guesthouse is a great base for getting to know a possible future UK Capital of Culture, before everyone starts descending on it

Poor Mumbles. The attractive, pocket-sized town at the southern end of Swansea Bay is so often bypassed in the scramble to get to Three Cliffs Bay, Rhossili and the other highlights of the Gower. The vast majority of visitors to the peninsula miss out on both the picturesque seal-strewn coast to the south of what is (whisper it) a suburb of Swansea and cracking little finds such as Langland Cove guesthouse.

Over the past four years, Carwyn and Sarah – as friendly and welcoming a couple as you’re likely to meet – have turned this B&B into a place anyone might like to call home.

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