The It factor: exploring Stephen King’s Maine

With the film of Stephen King’s It breaking box-office records, we tour the brooding locations in and around his home town that inspired the ‘king of fright’

It would be wrong to say the recent film release of Stephen King’s It has brought about a resurgence of interest in the writer. Because for the past 40 years the interest has rarely gone away. Sure, he shuns the literary spotlight but culturally, socially and politically, he has been ever present. Not least now, as he calls out Donald Trump on Twitter almost daily.

Who could have predicted that a horror film with no stars in it, based on a 1986 doorstop of book that had already been filmed for a television miniseries in 1990, would prove to be the surprise hit of 2017 and have the highest-grossing and biggest opening ever for a horror movie?

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