A burrito war has descended, folks

A burrito war has descended, folks
(Picture: Chipotle)

If you’ve ever had a mental battle over whether a tortilla or a burrito is better, an even bigger war is on our hands.

The burrito brand Chipotle has taken to Twitter to tell their rivals, Tortilla, that they stole their marketing strapline – a line used back in the 1990s.

Chipotle’s Brand Voice Lead (yep, that’s a real job, people) William Espey, tells ‘The line was written before I started working at Chipotle. I didn’t write it, although I wish I did.

‘It was the headline that was roaring when I started here and made it clear to me the space within which I was going to be able to express myself.

‘The company was young and we were just cranking out headlines that we thought were funny and engaging. The campaign if anything was simply the attitude and the consistent design,’ added the Denver resident.

However, Chipotle isn’t baying for blood but they’re certainly not thrilled about Tortilla’s advertising campaign – coincidence or not.

A burrito war has descended, folks
(Picture: Chipotle)

James Dannatt, Chipotle’s European Marketing Manager tells ‘We don’t want to pursue legal action as we consider this to be a compliment if nothing else.

‘Chipotle changed the face of fast casual dining and it’s no wonder so many competitors have tried to replicate the same formula across the world over the years. If that spreads to the marketing as well, we know we’re on the right tracks.’

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It’s not the first time brands have descended into a playful spat either – Aldi, Lidl and Tesco engaged into a GIF war this summer.

Tortilla and Chipotle have since kissed and made up on Twitter.


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