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Makeup on the move: the rise of commuter cosmetics

More and more women are using their journey to work to put on their face – despite attempts to shame them. And cosmetic companies are catching on with products that make it easier – and safer – to do so on a bumpy bus ride

We all have tricks to shave time off our morning routine, whether it’s skipping breakfast or showering the night before. If you can repurpose a few minutes of public transport ennui to apply your lippy, then hell, why not?

You won’t be the only one. Surveys reveal that as many as 67% of British women do makeup on the move. As more of us are living in, or commuting into, cities, smearing on the slap on public transport is now so popular a time-saver it has forced the beauty industry to develop more portable, compact and easy-to-apply-on-the-move products, according to market research agency Mintel.

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