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More equal than others: fashion for men – archive, 11 November 1969

11 November 1969 It is claimed that men over-35 are the real fashion trend setters, possessing a sophisticated and subtle elegance

Mr Myron Ackerman is trying to give most men a guilt complex. He has discovered two truths which he holds to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, but those who want to be more equal than others spend a great deal of money on clothes; that, in the pursuit of success, it is the over-35s who lead fashion.

It is indisputable that the over-35s have the money. But Mr Ackerman, chairman of the men’s wear company, Chester Barrie, has noticed that they possess “a subtle and sophisticated elegance,” that they “are the truly fashion conscious men of today and are the real trendsetters. This is a somewhat startling development, as ever since the early 30s it has always been the 20-year-olds who set the style.” They are also, of course, customers of Chester Barrie.

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