Someone’s made a load of Cheetos flavoured macarons

Someone's made a load of Cheetos flavoured macarons
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Macarons are so wonderfully sweet and delicate that they barely need any extra flavouring at all.

Let alone one of artificial cheese.

And yet, a bakery in New York has done just that – creating a range of Cheetos macarons.

The Frankenstein cakes, being sold by Macaron Parlour, are being described as ‘Cheetos infused white chocolate ganache and cheese dust,’ which sound alarming.

They’re the brainchild of Christina Ha, the owner of Macaron Parlous who says she came up with them when she first discovered cheese powder.

She bought herself a load and didn’t know what to do with it until one Halloween, the idea for these odd creations.

And according to Cosmo, they’re not as horrendous as they sound.

‘The shell of the macaron has the same delicious almond flour-meringue base as a traditional macaron, only it’s dyed an electric orange to look like Cheetos. The filling is where things get a ‘lil cray.’

In fact, the filling apparently tastes a bit like cheddar.

Hmm. Is this really something the world needs?

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