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Going out or going out-out? Coordinate your outfit with your social calendar this party season

Festive season is upon us, and the rules of going out are changing. Are you going out, out-out, or out-out-out? Here’s what to wear whether you’re having a drink after work or part of the straight thru crew

Going out used to mean just that: going out. A few drinks after work. Something hot, wrapped and sauced on the way home. Stinging flashbacks the next day. It was a simple time: you’d switch shoes in the loo when work was done, line your stomach with a pint of milk and head aimlessly into the night. But going out has changed and the going out spectrum has grown – clubs may be closing, but alternative parties and venues are opening in their place. Even the festive office party has become a high-profile event, filtered and shared with unfettered abandon on social media. Language about going out has changed accordingly. Now you have the option to go out, go out-out or – on say, New Year’s Eve when proper partying is law – even, out-out-out. And there’s a world of difference between them.

The history of the phrase “going out-out” is up for debate. Some cite the Robert Frost poem Out, Out–, a meditation between death and life. Some talk about Macbeth whose speech after the death of his wife – “Out, out, brief candle!” – was a comment on the futility of life. Others look to 2009 and comedian Micky Flanagan’s skit on the difference between going out and going out-out which started a legal spat over intellectual property, when the directory enquiry company 118 118 used the phrase in an advert.

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