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These Jeans Make Your Booty Look Like You Do Tons of Squats—Even If You Don’t

If you could sculpt your lower body without actually doing any squats, you would, right? Well, according to fashion blogger Courtney Kerr, that just might be an option. Yep, we're intrigued too.

The KERRently founder recently took to Instagram stories to share her favorite pair of jeans that make her backside appear extra-toned.Best of all, the pants Kerr coined as "the jeans that make people think you’ve been doing a lot of squats” aren’t nearly as expensive (or hard to come by) as you might expect.

Courtney Kerr/Instagram

In fact, Kerr's go-to Mile High Super Skinny jeans ($45, are from the classic denim brand Levi’s. In addition to Amazon, these high-rise jeans are alsoavailable on,,, and in a variety of different washes. And with all the Black Friday sales happening now, it's a great time to stock up.

Kerr’s comment that the jeans boost your booty isn’t the only reason we’re excited about the pair, though. The flattering pants are also made mostly from cotton, meaning they're super comfortable without looking like sweatpants. Score.

Of course, we're hardly anti-squats here at Health. So if you're looking for a truly toned tush, we suggest perfecting your bodyweight squats and treating yourself to these fashion blogger-approved jeans. Don't be surprised if you suddenly spot your best backside ever in the mirror.

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