Asda to sell a giant éclair for a fiver

Asda to sell a giant éclair for a fiver
(Picture: Asda)

Chocolate fiends, get ready.

We’ve had a vegan avocado chocolate bar, a Double Decker chocolate spread and one man even proposed with the stuff.

But what’s better than an eclair? A giant one of course.

You’ve all heard of a footlong Subway but now, Asda has launched a foot long chocolate éclair.

Yes, really.

So how did the team at Asda create something we didn’t even realise we needed?

Well, the chefs stumbled on the idea after initially looking into the trend for flavoured and coloured éclairs.

But they then spotted a large éclair on the dessert menu at a Parisian restaurant.

And as they say, the rest is history.

Asda to sell a giant éclair for a fiver
(Picture: ASDA)

The mammoth masterpiece is made with light choux pastry, filled with Belgian chocolate mousse and sticky caramel sauce and topped with a chocolate fondant.

It’s then drizzled with more caramel and dusted with gold.


It’s not the only new thing the supermarket has launched – a giant Marie Antoinette inspired Macaron cake is also on the menu.

The pink frozen gateau is stuffed with a white chocolate mousse, topped with raspberries and a light sprinkling of pistachios.

Asda to sell a giant éclair for a fiver
(Picture: ASDA)

Claire Reed, product development manager for chilled bakery said: ‘Traditionally in the UK an éclair is filled with fresh cream but in France it’s always crème patisserie or a mousse.

‘We decided on a chocolate mousse filling, as who doesn’t love chocolate?’

‘It’s the first giant product we’ve launched in the chilled bakery aisle, and as far as we’re aware it’s the first giant éclair available in the UK.

‘It’s certainly a festive treat!’

Asda to sell a giant éclair for a fiver
(Picture: ASDA)

It’s available in stores from 14 December and online.

It serves ten but we don’t know about you but we’ll be scoffing the lot by ourselves…

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