8 Hot Places to Have Sex at Home (That Aren’t the Bedroom)

You can light scented candles, put satin sheets on the bed, invest in throw pillows of every size, even install deluxe speakers for your get-in-the-mood playlist. But the fact is, even the most sensuous bedroom can start to feel ho-hum if that's the main place where you and your partner have sex.

The solution for busting out of a bedroom rut? Bust out of the bedroom and consider getting it on in different rooms and spaces in the rest of your home, which can amp up excitement and novelty. “A new location can encourage a couple to be naughtier, perhaps even tapping some desires that aren’t always explored and starting a conversation about what each other’s turn ons are,” says Marissa Nelson, sex therapist and founder of IntimacyMoons Retreats.

Here, sex therapists share eight places to hook up in your home, explaining why these locations are so sex-worthy and the specific positions to try out in each. You'll never look at the kitchen counter or laundry room quite the same way again.

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The kitchen

The table and counters offer supportive surfaces of varying height where you can test out different angles and positions. The kitchen is also usually the warmest spot in the house, so you'll want to peel off your clothes there. And in the fridge, you can keep fun goodies for foreplay, like whipped cream and chocolate.

"Have the woman hop on to the counter and slide her bum to the edge," says Nelson. "The man can enter her as he stands and thrusts. Because her pelvis is elevated on the counter, this is the perfect position for g-spot stimulation as well as deep penetration.”

The couch

Most couches are too narrow for two people to lie down and get it on in lots of wild positions. That makes it a great place to entwine with your partner and enjoy super close sex with lots of skin-on-skin contact, either missionary style or from behind. The couch is also an ideal place for sex while sitting. “Him sitting forward and her straddling him can be very intimate,” suggests Angela Skurtu, a St. Louis–based sex therapist.

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The guest bedroom

Okay, it's still a bedroom—but it's not the same one you're used to, which makes it feel like more of a sexy retreat but with the comfort and space you're accustomed to. “The cool thing about this space is that it can be your escape to pleasure, and you can giggle to yourselves every time you have a house guest," says Nelson.

With this in mind, make this the room where you push boundaries and experiment with different positions. Nelson suggests you "use the wall as a prop, with the woman's back against the wall and her legs up as the man supports her weight, or doggy style with her hands on the wall for balance. Both are great for stimulating the clitoris during penetration.” When you're done, take advantage of the soft mattress and relax in the afterglow.

In front of the fireplace

Candles and a dimmer switch are pretty standard romantic props—but nothing changes the mood of sex quite like a cracking fire. The flames highlight some body areas and throws shadows on others, making you feel more mysterious and look very sexy; it's the ideal place to do a sexy striptease for your partner.

Fire also has an element of danger, and sex beside it "can feel romantic and primitive," says Eric Garrison, sex therapist in Richmond, Virginia and author of Mastering Multiple Positive Sex: Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Techniques That Create Unforgettable Orgasms. Consider positions and styles that unleash your inner tiger.

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The closet

“I love the closet because it usually has limited space, so it encourages couples to be in more creative positions," says Nelson. "There are also lots of props in the closet like belts and scarves that can be used as blindfolds or restraints. Turning the lights off also allows couples to have a completely sensory experience since they can't see but have to feel each other."

Depending on the size of your closet, you might be limited to sex standing up or against the wall. But if you can lie down, Nelson recommends getting into the woman on top, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style poses. "These positions allow for the pelvis to be tilted and are amazing for clitoral stimulation and orgasm," she says.

The laundry room

Sure you've heard couples boasting about the sexy vibrations of getting it on against a running washing machine or dryer. But there's another reason the laundry room makes for a good place for bumping and grinding.

"Rooms that are designed for storage are usually more soundproof than you imagine," says Tammy Nelson, PhD, sexologist and author of Getting the Sex You Want. "Bring a blanket, pillows, and something soft and make a 'nest' on the floor," suggests Nelson. The small room and the nest of cozy blankets creates a ‘held’ feeling, where sex can be more intimate and more daring at the same time." This is the time to do things that make you both scream with pleasure.

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The shower

Steam is sexy because of the heat and the way it can almost mask your body, creating mystery. Meanwhile, feeling the spray of warm water running down your skin intensifies sensations—and a flexible shower head held close to your clitoris can be an orgasm trigger. “Some of my clients have reported extremely erotic sex in the shower," says Marissa Nelson. "You are both getting clean while getting dirty, and the warm water, bubbles and lathering each other down makes for a very sensual time. Just use caution as the bathtub is slippery.”

Just remember that having sex in water can sometimes wash away some of your natural lubrication, so bring some store-bought, silicon-based lube in with you, just in case.

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The car in the garage

It might seem like a retro idea, but hear us out. Adjustable seats that heat up are perfect for sexy kissing and foreplay. The lights are out except for maybe the dashboard, which adds mystery and intrigue. You can crank the music and not disturb anyone. Plus, there's not much room in a parked car, so you need to be tuned into each other's bodies to make it work.

Oh, and it'll make you feel young and full of desire again, which is an aphrodisiac of its own. “Sex in the car parked in a garage can feel like a return to your youth, but without the fear of the town officer rapping on the window,” says Garrison.

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