Whisky academy adds gin to its diploma courses

Pioneers of accredited and independent whisky education, Edinburgh Whisky Academy, is expanding its portfolio – into gin.

The Academy have unveiled a range of new courses for 2018, building on its hugely popular Diploma in Single Malt Whisky.

First to go live is the brand new online Introduction to Whisky Certificate which provides insight into the fundamentals of whisky. Complied by industry experts, this course is fully flexible and accessible requiring around 10 hours of online study.

Awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the online Introduction to Whisky Certificate is the first of its kind and covers the Story of Whisky; Whisky Today; What makes Whisky; How Whisky is made; Why Wood and Time are so important and the Final Product.

Ideal for those looking to expand their interest in the whisky world further, boost staff knowledge or simply start their own whisky learning journey, this course offers something for everyone.

In response to increasing demand and interest, the Academy has also unveiled its first non-whisky course with its new unique SQA-awarded Gin Diploma, which is believed to be the worlds first Gin Diploma and launch with its first one-day course on 19 April.

Gin is being added to the Edinburgh Whisky Academys diploma courses

Delivered by industry stalwart Geraldine Coates, the course offers an educational, insightful and interactive journey into the wonderful world of gin.

Each course will also benefit from expert knowledge from a guest gin distiller who will share practical details on specific distillation methods and how they extract the flavour from their chosen botanicals.

The Diploma includes six modules covering the History of Gin, Gin Renaissance, Definition of Gin, Distillation, Sensory and Cocktails. Whether you are new to gin, a gin lover, work in spirits or hospitality, this fun and engaging course offers something for everyone.

Academy founder Kirsty McKerrow said: Following the success of our accredited Single Malt Diploma, we recognised the need for additional education options and approaches, which led us to the creation of these new courses for 2018.

Our courses are designed to provide learning and knowledge, gleaned from leading industry experts, and give those interested in whisky and gin access to excellent practical insight to improve their own journey, whilst having fun and achieving a valuable qualification.

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