Most large bags of crisps seem to be made up of at least 40% air
(Picture: Kitchen Cabinet Kings)

Theres nothing more disappointing than opening a family bag of crisps, only to discover that half of the bag is just air.

But just how much air do certain brands contain? Which are the best value snacks and which are just well-designed envelops of nitrogen?

Kitchen Cabinet Kings (KcK) has been testing the crisp-to-air ratio of 14 well-known brands, using a water displacement method, to find out holds the highest percentage of air.

The method involved emptying crisps into a plastic bag, vacuum sealing the contents, submerging the bag and then measuring the change in water.

KcK explains: The difference was measured and numbers crunched to provide, you, the reader, with an easy to read percentage. We considered the fact that no two bags of chips are exactly alike, so we tested this twice per brand with the same size bag of chips.

Percentage of air per bag of crisps (Picture: Kitchen Cabinet Kings)
(Picture: Kitchen Cabinet Kings)

To ensure accuracy the starting water level was kept the same over the course of the experiment and an average was taken between the two percentages per brand.

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And they found that the average amount of nitrogen in a bag of crisps is an astonishing 43%. The process of filling backs up with the gas is known as slack fill and is thought to give crisps a cushion so that they dont get damaged during transit.

And theres no difference between healthy alternatives and more calorific crisps either – both are equal offenders.

KcK explains: The nutritional aspect doesnt play a factor in the percent of air each bag holds. Healthy crisps were just as bad as their traditional options. Perhaps its best to consider the average at 43%. Anything above that certainly seems like a rip-off and anything below that is just a pleasant surprise.

(Picture: Kitchen Cabinet Kings)
(Picture: Kitchen Cabinet Kings)

The worst value for all are packets of Cheetos, which according to this research, are 59% air. On the other hand, brands like Pringles seem to give you significantly more bang for your buck.

So, Pringles it is!

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