These Ferrero Rocher Christmas crackers look so good

(Picture: Sainsburys/

Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the epitome of Christmas party elegance.

Only to be served in the form of overwhelmingly enormous pyramids, the gold-wrapped chocolates scream class, and assure your party guests that you are, in fact, a grown up.

Now you can enjoy these nutty treats in an even more festive form – a giant, golden cracker. Because they just werent Christmassy enough already.

Ferrero Roche Christmas crackers look amazing Picture: Sainbury's METROGRAB
(Picture: Sainsburys)

Sainsburys and Debenhams are both selling the Ferrero Rocher crackers – and they will look perfect as table decorations, even before you decide to pull them.

Debenhams table decorations contain four packs each, and they all include three Ferrero Rochers at a total of 37.5g – meaning you end up with a huge 150g of chocolate in total.

They also include a foil hat and trivia card – because otherwise its not Christmas.
(Picture: Debenhams)

The Sainsburys option contain just one per pack, but theyre quite a bit bigger, and you get more chocolate – 210g in total.

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But theyre not cheap – Sainsburys charges £10 for each cracker, and Debenhams basic price for a pack is £15.

True elegance never comes cheap. And if youre nuts about Ferrero Rocher then you probably think its a small price to pay.

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