You can now buy caviar from Aldi for Christmas

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Aldi is the greatest.

From their super-6′ cheap veggies, to their ludicrously affordable wine – they have transformed the grocery shopping experience.

Particularly for those of us on a budget.

Thanks to Aldi, nothing is off the table this Christmas. You can stock up on bubbly, fancy appetizers and gorgeous deli nibbles, all without breaking the bank.

Now Aldi are even selling caviar, to help us live our very best fancy lives this season.

And even better – its ethically sourced from Yorkshire.

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You may have thought caviar was a decadent treat reserved for people who do their weekly shop in Waitrose, or Wholefoods.

But the German retailer is dedicated to making luxury more inclusive – everyone should get a taste of the finer things in life. It is Christmas after all.

Aldis Specially Selected British Caviar is the retailers first ever range of the fishy delicacy. And, compared to Aldis usual prices – you might not think its all that cheap.

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A 10g pot of the stuff will cost you £17.99 – but for caviar, this is one of the best price points on the market.

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The product is supplied by Yorkshire-based company KC Caviar, a company dedicated to helping maintain the ancient sturgeon fish species.

The founders have perfected the process of extracting eggs from sturgeon without harming the fish, meaning their animals can continue producing eggs for many years.

So now its a bit more affordable, maybe its time to splash out on something really special this Christmas.

Surely the in-laws cant find a reason to criticise you if you feed them caviar the moment they walk in the door.

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